Monday morning. What happened to that feeling? During lockdown it has been a day like any other. Maybe it’s time we made it a day we love rather than hate. A healthy breakfast of high fibre flakes and fresh fruit is a good start. Then it’s time for some reading to stimulate the brain. I am enjoying Robert Galbraith’s (aka JK Rowling’s) “Silkworm”. I think it’s because the protagonist, private detective Cormoran Strike, has many qualities I admire. He is earthy, has a dry sense of humour, rejects superficial middle class values and is reluctantly heroic.

The main character in “Leave Only Footprints” is young press reporter Paul Sears. He drives an old Morris Minor, wears scruffy clothes, has long unkempt hair (not that unusual in the 1970’s) and is an embarrassment to his mother who thinks he should get a proper job. His retention of detail and good memory for names are ideal for an investigative journalist. But his “just right” OCD and pig-headedness make him difficult to live with. Paul is resilient and brave but often insensitive to others’ feelings. His single-minded ambition to solve the murders puts lives in danger, while his emotional naivety threatens to break up his marriage.

Enough about Mr Sears, we will come back to him later I’m sure. In the meantime let’s think about some of the good things about Mondays. Here are six of the best:

  1. You can wipe the slate clean and start afresh.
  2. Shops are open longer again.
  3. Sometimes they are bank holidays.
  4. The pubs are quiet.
  5. You are full of energy after the weekend.
  6. You are back at work doing a job you love!

Monday derives from the Anglo-Saxon “Monandaeg” meaning Moon’s Day. I’ve always liked looking up at the moon. There’s something very reassuring about seeing it there in our sky. It reminds me there is more than just our world. I’m beginning to like Mondays too.